Commit 156b697a authored by Ben Hoskings's avatar Ben Hoskings
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Fix typo in prepare_zfs_root().

This typo causes $_root_pool to be an empty string, which causes the
subsequent `zpool list` to output encryption status for every pool
rather than just one, breaking the comparison.

On systems with a zfs root and more than one pool present, this
manifests as an error message on boot just before openrc is invoked:

    sh: enabled: unknown operand
parent 59204d36
......@@ -282,7 +282,7 @@ is_url() {
# Do some tasks to make sure mounting the ZFS pool is A-OK
prepare_zfs_root() {
local _root_vol=${KOPT_root#ZFS=}
local _root_pool=${_rool_vol%%/*}
local _root_pool=${_root_vol%%/*}
# Force import if this has been imported on a different system previously
if [ "$KOPT_zfs_force" = 1 ]; then
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