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      docker-image: disable buildkit on armv7 · 94a79d46
      Kevin Daudt authored
      buildkit is giving issues on armv7 after upgrading to musl-1.2. This is
      most likely seccomp related. Without buildkit, there are no issues.
      But we cannot blankly disable buildkit as the features we are using
      require an up-to-date docker version, which is not the case everywhere
      So disable this for armv7 so that we can continue building images.
  10. 27 Jul, 2020 2 commits
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      docker-image: use proper platform designations · 9a262db5
      Kevin Daudt authored
      The platform argument for docker build uses different names for arches
      than the image prefix. For example, to pull an image for armv7, you need
      to use `arm32v7/alpine`, but to build an image for that arch, you should
      use `--platform arm`.
      Use a separate environment variable to designating the docker platform.
  13. 31 Jan, 2020 1 commit
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      docker-image: use buildkit to set platform · 95cfc969
      Kevin Daudt authored
      We build armv7 and x86 images on a 64 bits host in 32 bits mode. Even
      though the images are 32 bits, docker still tags them as the host
      Docker has a way to specify the platform, but requries to enable
      experimental features on the daemon, but this is not ideal.
      An alternative is using buildkit, which has additional features for
      docker. This can be enabled by setting `DOCKER_BUILDKIT` to `1`. So lets
      use that so that we can specify `--platform` when running `docker build`.
  14. 26 Jan, 2020 2 commits
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    • Kevin Daudt's avatar
      docker-image: add depedency from build to lint · 9b947362
      Kevin Daudt authored
      For some reason, whenever the verify stage fails, the build jobs are
      skipped (as expected), but the upload jobs are still attempted and fail
      because nothing is built.
      This could be due to dependencies set from upload jobs on build jobs,
      but build jobs not having any dependencies. It might be that an
      incomplete graph confuses gitlab and causes these jobs to run when they
      should not.
      Try to add dependencies from build jobs to the lint job as an attempt to
      fix this.
  15. 19 Jan, 2020 1 commit
    • Kevin Daudt's avatar
      docker-image/hadolint: ignore DL3006 · 126de76b
      Kevin Daudt authored
      We already ignore DL3007, which does not let you use ':latest'. DL3006
      checks if you use ':latest' implicitly by not using any tag, so lets
      ignore that one as well.
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