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      gitlab/entrypoint: add dedicated config command · 78148cf6
      Kevin Daudt authored
      When running a container without starting gitlab through the entrypoint,
      the configuration is missing, so it's not possible to run things like
      rake commands.
      This might be required in case there is some issue preventing gitlab to
      start, causing a restart loop.
      By adding a dedicated config command, one can run the container with a
      shell, run the config entrypoint command and then run something like a
      rake task.
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      task: add run command · 0040ce7a
      Kevin Daudt authored
      The existing run command is renamed to up to match what docker composer
      is calling it. The run command can be used to run containers with the
      expected environment.
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      gitlab: add cable.yml · f2a7c3ff
      Kevin Daudt authored
      This sets configuration required for ActionCableSubscriptions in gitlab.
      At some point, we started getting the following error when adding
      > Your comment could not be submitted! Please check your network
      > connection and try again.
      In the production log, we saw the following error message (along with
      stack trace):
      > undefined method `fetch' for nil:NilClass
      Searching around for this error in combination with graphql, it turns
      out it was due to a missing cable.yml file. Adding this configuration
      resolves the error messages on the front page.
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      taskfile: use docker compose when available · a245fc98
      Kevin Daudt authored
      docker compose is now a plugin into docker, invoked as as subcommand,
      and no longer a separate project with a separate binary.
      Detect if `docker compose` is available, and use that, with
      `docker-compose` as a fallback.
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      build: apply upstream patch to fix building gitlab · 9961d760
      Kevin Daudt authored
      Building of the gitlab front-end showed the following error:
      > Error: Cannot find module 'postcss'
      Even though it did not fail the actual build. THis has been reported,
      and a merge request was provided to fix this, but that has not been
      merged yet.
      Apply that patch to fix the build.
  18. 08 Mar, 2022 1 commit
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      CI: build without cache · 131c58a2
      Kevin Daudt authored
      In CI, the images should always be built from scratch, and not use
      cached layers. So pass --no-cache to `docker-compose build` to make sure
      this happens.
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