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# gitlab-runner docker image

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This will create a docker image for running a gitlab runner on Alpine Linux on
all the architectures that Alpine Linux supports.
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## Starting the runner

There is a `docker-compose.yml` file included that starts up the runner. The
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registration of the runner will be done automatically, but you need to provide a
`.env` file with some parameters. There is an `example.env` file that you can use
as a template.

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* `GITLAB_REGISTRATION_TOKEN_SHARED` - The gitlab registration token (you can
  find it in the admin pannel under runners)
* `GITLAB_REGISTRATION_TOKEN_DOCKER` - The gitlab registration token for the
  dedicated docker image runner. This token should come from a project or group.
* `ARCH`  - The architecture for this runner (used as a description and tag).

Then run `docker-compose up -d` and the runner should be running.