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overlay: add script that reports changed APKBUILDs

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# TODO: change to alpinelinux/docker-cli
image: kdaudt/docker-cli:add-auxilary-scripts
image: alpinelinux/docker-cli:latest
- build
- upload
......@@ -14,3 +14,8 @@ Docker container with the necessary linting tools for verifying APKBUILD files
and 'uses' them so that shellcheck does not warn about them, while still
warning about other variables. It also disables some checks that are not
applicable for APKBUILDs.
## Auxilary scripts
* **changed-aports** - Returns a list of changed APKBUILD files in a certain
branch, give a base branch: `changed-aports <basebranch>`.
if ! git rev-parse --verify --quiet $basebranch >/dev/null; then
# The base branch does not eixst, probably due to a shallow clone
git fetch origin refs/heads/$basebranch:refs/heads/$basebranch
git diff --diff-filter=ACMR --name-only $baebranch...HEAD -- "*/APKBUILD"
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