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      style: use css tooltips for flagged messages · dd876956
      Carlo Landmeter authored
      To make flag comment mobile accessible.
      We switch position from bottom to top to prevent css tooltip to break
      the layout.
      Also updated hint css to use full version including rounded corners.
  14. 24 Jan, 2018 5 commits
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      depends: fix listing of depends with multipe provides · f5f44462
      Carlo Landmeter authored
      Currently lua packages make use of provider_priority to select the a
      dependency with the highest provider_priority value. This commit should
      mimic the way apk-tools handles multiple provides by selecting only a
      single depend with highest priority.
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      theme: switch to purecss · 0a440b33
      Carlo Landmeter authored
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      Split databases into branches/flagged (and various) · 4130d182
      Carlo Landmeter authored
      - split databases into branches
      - change relation of pkg vs flagged status
      - added migration script to migrate to new flagged table format
      - added new provider_priority field to apk header
      - add settings for default branch and arch
      - make edge the default branch in packages list
      - add SQL debug option in config
      - remove uneeded usage of class
      - move all utils to utils.lua
      - optimize SQL queries
      - re-factor importer script
      - allow to change http listening port via environment
      - linted with luacheck and added .luacheckrc
      This commit changes how we handle databases. Instead of having
      everything in a single sqlite database we split each branch into its own
      sqlite database. This will limit the amount of rows in the pkg/file per
      table and improve performance.
      Flagged table has been redesigned. This redesign uses a composite index
      (repo,origin,version) so the packages table is now related to this index
      which makes it possible to remove the current flag id column. This also
      introduced the updated column to be able to unflag a package and make it
      unlisted on flagged listing but still be able to show the status on
      individual packages when some archs are behind. Every time packages are
      updated the unique triple will be looked up in the flagged table and
      updated/unflagged when found.
      Migration is handled by the migrate_v2.lua script. It needs to be run
      against the old single aports.db and will generate a single flagged.db.
      The flagged.db can be renamed to aports-edge.db after which the import
      script can be run to start generating the splitted aports-branch.dbs.
      Some settings need to be updated from the provided sample config ie
      the db location is changed to a path instead of a file and the apkindex
      format is now defined in config instead of hard coded in multiple places.
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