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[content] Mention RDRAND toggles in cmdline

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......@@ -179,6 +179,13 @@ You might even need to do so for diagnostic reasons.
// TODO: Add xref to developer handbook
You can see what parameters are available and what they do over at the Developer Handbook.
One common reason to modify the kernel command line is to explicitly tell linux to not trust the CPU's randomness generator, which Alpine trusts by default.
While the reasons for doing so won't be discussed here, doing so means that you will need to gather entropy from other sources.
If you still wish to disable it, you may add `random.trust_cpu=off` to your kernel's command line on boot.
==== [Grub] Modifying Kernel Command Line
Under grub, when you are presented with the boot prompt, you may press btn:[e] to edit the booting configuration.
You can then find the line starting with `linux`, and add or remove parameters from that line.
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