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[Install] Relocate Linux burn tool comment

This way, the above paragraph reads like an enumeration, followed by a
deeper dive for the platform without anything built-in.
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......@@ -141,9 +141,10 @@ On MacOS, you can select the `.iso` file, and then press menu:File[Burn Disk Ima
On Windows 8 and above, you can right-click the `.iso` file, and then press btn:[Burn Disk Image].
==== [Linux] Burning an Image File
On Linux hosts, there are no default built-in tools to burn images.
==== [Linux] Burning an Image File
This handbook recommends using k3b - a graphical utility inside of which one can select menu:Tools[Burn CD Image].
Alternatively, people that do not wish to use a graphical environment for this, might want to use the `cdrtools` program.
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