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[policy] Remove extranious policies

They can be re-added later if needed, and arguably should be in per-team
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* xref:voting.adoc[Voting Process]
* xref:conflicts.adoc[Conflict Resolution]
* xref:update.adoc[Updating Policies]
* xref:short.adoc[Misc]
= Conflict Resolution
Sometimes, conflicts between teams arise.
This document describes how to handle these situations.
== Conflicts Between a Team and Project Policy
If a team wishes to disobey a project-wide policy, they *must* do so with the explicit approval of the rest of the project.
This approval *must* be gotten through a xref:voting.adoc[Vote].
Doing otherwise is grounds for dissolution.
== Conflicts Between a Subteam and its Parent
If a parent team disagrees with a child, the team with the highest specificity normally wins out.
For example, if the packaging team and the python team disagree on a flag to pass to python's configure script, the python team has priority.
If the parent team believes the matter to be vital, they may call for a xref:voting.adoc[Vote].
= Shorter Policies
Not every policy needs its own page.
Policies that are sufficiently short to be held together can be found here.
== Tabs vs Spaces in Aports
Use tabs in APKBUILD files.
This should be easy if your editor has an editorconfig plugin.
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