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[policy] How to update policies and others?

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= Updating Policies
Not everything is set in stone.
In fact few things are.
If and when a policy (or any other internal detail, including the internal governance model) needs to be updated, there needs to be a documented procedure.
In order to update a policy, an actionable proposal must be made.
This proposal shall be made in the form of a fork to the developer handbook, with the proposal made within it.
Ask project members, admins and others for their opinions before submitting the proposal.
Whenever the proposal is deemed (by the author) to be mature, it may be put to the xref:voting.adoc[Vote].
If the proposal fails, collect information on why it failed, update (in the same branch) and resubmit, unless you objected to the failure and involved the Base team.
TIP: Do not squash commits - keep full history.
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