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= Teams and Internal Organization
Alpine is organized into various teams.
Teams help with delegating work.
Delegating work requires people to be available and get the necessary permissions to do their work.
Teams also make it easier for people to join specific teams, rather than the entirety of the project and all that entails.
Finally, this organizational structure gives more transparency as to how work is divided, and aids collaboration with outside entities.
This section describes the status quo of how Alpine is organized.
== Glossary
Team:: A group of people with a specific purpose/scope that they tend to.
Team Member:: A registered member of a team, given access to that team's workspaces.
Team Leads::
Team members that are allowed to vote in various organizational meetings and can appoint new team members.
Team Leads are marked in *bold* in official team listings.
== Becoming a Member
To become a team member, start by contributing to items under the team's jurisdiction.
Once you have shown some staying power, you may ask a team lead to appoint you as a member.
Do not worry if your request is denied!
That just means you aren't known enough to the team, or need to take the project more seriously.
The team lead should give you a reason as to why you've been denied.
== Becoming a Team Lead
Existing team leads, collectively, decide to appoint or demote other team leads.
A proposed team lead should already be part of the team.
If the proposal is to create a new team, the process is identical, except that the proposed team lead should be part of an existing team.
NOTE: Teams may have multiple, or one team lead - they may not have zero team leads.
== Being a Member/Lead
Being in a team grants grants you the things you need to work on whatever the scope of the team is.
You should know your fellow team members well, and cooperate with them (and potentially other teams) to achieve tasks.
As a team, you may request various workspaces, such as a separate irc channel, git namespace, dedicated host, and more.
As a team, it is up to you how you manage yourselves internally, but the contents of this document should serve as guidelines.
// TODO: specify what specific access each team has
== Current Team Listing
=== Core
Core team members have oversight over the entire project.
They also have the final say on packaging and security matters, and are the sole arbiters of the `main` repository.
| Name | Nick | Email
| Francesco Colista | fcolista |
| Jakub Jirutka | jirutka |
| Kaarle Ritvanen | kunkku |
| Kevin Daudt | \_ikke_ |
| Leonardo Arena | rnalrd |
| Nathan Angelacos | nangel |
| *Natanael Copa* | *ncopa* |
| Soeren Tempel | nmeum |
| Timo Teräs | fabled |
| William Pitcock | kaniini |
=== Infrastructure
The infrastructure team takes care of the Alpine Linux infrastructure - maintaining the servers and services needed to keep everything running.
| Name | Nick | Email
| *Carlo Landmeter* | *clandmeter* |
| Daniel Isaksen | danieli |
| Kevin Daudt | \_ikke_ |
=== Documentation
The documentation team creates and maintains all official documentation for Alpine Linux.
// TODO: once is recognized as an email, simplify entry
| Name | Nick | Email
| *Chloe Kudryavtsev* | *SpaceToast* |[]
=== Security
The security team takes care of communication with vulnerability reporters, maintaining an Alpine security advisory program, and information sharing with other projects.
| Name | Nick | Email
| *Natanael Copa* | *ncopa* |
=== Packaging
Packaging team members have (limited) access to aports, take care of maintaining and creating packages, as well as accepting PRs and patches from the community.
| Name | Nick | Email
| A. Wilcox | awilfox |
| Andy Postnikov | andypost |
| Breno Leitao | leitao |
| Christian Kampka | ckampka |
| Daniel Sabogal | dsabogal |
| Henrik Riomar | HRio |
| *Natanael Copa* | *ncopa* |
| Roberto Oliveira | rdutra |
| N/A | Shiz |
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