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[teams] Base have term limits and are voted on

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......@@ -119,6 +119,10 @@ It is expected that the Base team does not do anything unless prompted.
Violation of this without there being a strong need is effectively a violation of trust of the entire rest of the project.
Similarly, the Base team is expected to trust team admins and members to do the correct thing on their own.
Base team members are elected through a project-wide {votelink}[Vote].
A term is 3 years long, and the terms are staggered (each year, a new Base team member must be elected).
Term cycling is allowed - you cannot replace yourself, but you can replace the next person to rotate out.
=== Packaging
Packaging team members have oversight over all the packages and branches of aports.
They are expected to primarily preoccupy themselves of the main repository and the stable branches.
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