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As a team, you may request various workspaces, such as a separate irc channel, git namespace, dedicated host, and more.
As a team, it is up to you how you manage yourselves internally, but the contents of this document should serve as guidelines.
Some teams are strict supersets of others.
For example, the packaging team handles all packages, but the core team handles the `main/` repository and the python team handles python-related packages.
Teams with the more concrete scope (core and python in this example) are given priority over their domain.
If you are part of the generic team, but are not part of the specific team, you should communicate with the specific team if you wish to change something within their domain.
Doing otherwise (especially if it has negative consequences) can be considered abuse of your power, and may even lead to you being removed from the team.
=== Being a Team Administrator
As a team admin, you have more powers, and thus more responsibility.
Since you have the power to vote (e.g in nominating other team admins), you are expected to be present for meetings and voting sessions.
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