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feat(Teams): Remove extranious policies

They don't need to be here for bootstrapping and can be added as Base
team's policies (and thus applying to everyone).
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......@@ -66,28 +66,6 @@ In most cases, it is possible to solve issues through other means.
It is highly recommended that the removal of anyone from the project be strongly considered before it is suggested.
=== Removals Due to Inactivity
Sometimes, people go missing.
If a member has not been active for 120 days, they will be asked about the situation.
Administrators have an even higher standard (as they are expected to come to meetings and {votelink}[vote]).
As such, on top of the 120 day limit, administrators will be asked about the goings-on if they have missed 5 consecutive meetings or votes.
NOTE: This line of questioning may lead to their removal: if they contribute every 4 months, perhaps they should send patches instead, and if they are not participating in {votelink}[votes], perhaps they should simply be members, rather than admins.
=== Project-Specific Resources
There are some resources the project has access to that don't make sense on a per-team basis.
As an example, consider the `` email addresses.
All non-team management related resources are handled by the Base team.
As such, any member may request any such resources from the Base team, though access may be denied.
NOTE: If your request is denied, don't worry - consult the reason given and feel free to ask again later (depending on the reason).
Having access to project-specific resources (*especially* email addresses) makes you a representative of the project.
Use with caution, and make sure you clearly differentiate between your opinions, and those of the project.
== Team Structure
=== Internal Organization
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