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[policy] Draft initial voting policy

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= Voting Process
When important changes to the project as a whole need to happen, it comes down to a vote.
This policy describes how voting is done within Alpine.
If a given action calls for a vote, it should link here.
== Initial Vote
All xref:ROOT:teams.adoc[team administrators] vote.
The medium of the vote is undefined (for example, it may be done in a meeting, through a mailing list, or through irc, so long as it is logged publicly).
The voting process has a time limit of 2 weeks.
If a 2/3 majority is reached within the time limit, the motion passes.
If it is not, but no one objects, the motion fails.
NOTE: Objecting to a failed motion should *ONLY* be done in extreme situations, you can always improve the proposal and try again later.
== Base Vote
If a significant objection is levered, the xref:ROOT:teams.adoc[Base team members] that are not admins also vote.
These votes are added to the existing tally.
If 2/3 majority has now been reached, the motion passes.
Alternatively, if within the Base team, there is a simple majority, the motion also passes.
Otherwise, the motion fails.
If the motion does not pass at this stage, it cannot be revoted on without significant modifications.
NOTE: The Base team is allowed to choose to avoid voting for some period of time, in scenarios where there is a clear divide between the two sides of mostly equal size.
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