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[teams] Add removal timeout section

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......@@ -75,6 +75,14 @@ In most cases, it is possible to solve issues through other means.
It is highly recommended that the removal of anyone from the project be strongly considered before it is suggested.
=== Removals Due to Inactivity
Sometimes, people go missing.
If a member has not been active for 120 days, they will be asked about the situation.
Administrators have an even higher standard (as they are expected to come to meetings and vote).
As such, on top of the 120 day limit, administrators will be asked about the goings-on if they have missed 5 consecutive meetings or votes.
NOTE: This line of questioning may lead to their removal: if they contribute every 4 months, perhaps they should send patches instead, and if they are not coming to votes, perhaps they should simply be members, rather than admins.
=== Project-Specific Resources
There are some resources the project has access to that don't make sense on a per-team basis.
As an example, consider the `` email addresses.
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