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# Alpine Documentation
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This is the Antora playbook for the Alpine Documentation.

## Deploying
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This repository is all you need to deploy the documentation.
You should clone this, and then run `antora generate [ARGS] playbook.yml`, where "playbook.yml" is the appropriate playbook.
Here are the available playbooks:

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- `site.yml`: Production playbook - use this if you're deploying this externally.
- `site-workspace.yml`:
    Author mode playbook - use this if you're working on the documentation.
    This expects checkouts (or symlinks) to the components to be under `workspace/`.
    It will also generate a `./`, which is how the snapshots are created.
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Args of particular interest are:

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- `--cache-dir`: Puts the cache into a specified directory - since the default is under home, you may want to set this to, for example, `build/cache`.
- `--clean`: Cleans up the target directory before building.
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- `--pull`: Check for upstream updates (components, ui, etc). You likely want this!
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- `--to-dir`: Determines where the results are put - defaults to `build/site`, you may want to use `public`.
- `--url`: Sets the base url, which allows generating 404 and similar directories - do not add a trailing `/` - example: ``.
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Thus, a production deployment to would look like so: `antora --cache-dir build/cache --clean --url site.yml`, and the web server would be pointed at `$PWD/build/site`.

## Contributing
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There are few reasons to contribute to here - this is just the glue between actual content.
You are likely interested in contributing to one of the Antora components, referenced here.
In the scenario there is something specific to contribute anyway, please make sure your name is in the authors list.
Do also note that by contributing a patch, assuming you have not done so yet, you are agreeing to license your patch (and all future ones) under the license of the repository.
You will be explicitly asked to confirm that in whatever medium you submit that patch (or you may confirm this in your patch commit message).