Commit a5c4d5e1 authored by Carlo Landmeter's avatar Carlo Landmeter

entrypoint: always set correct permissions of abuild conf dir

parent 5c7780fc
Pipeline #15746 passed with stages
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......@@ -16,9 +16,11 @@ fi
# enable ccache if requested
[ "$DABUILD_CCACHE" = "true" ] && export USE_CCACHE=1
# create or correct permissions of abuild config dir
sudo install -d -o builder -g builder "$HOME"/.abuild/
# set some abuild defaults on first run
if [ ! -f "$HOME/.abuild/abuild.conf" ]; then
sudo install -d -o builder -g builder "$HOME"/.abuild/
cat <<- EOF > "$HOME"/.abuild/abuild.conf
export JOBS=\$(nproc)
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