Commit 7645fda4 authored by macmpi's avatar macmpi Committed by Richard Mortier
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Workaround for ARCH detection

Restored alpine docker genuinely supported architectures (as other ones are definitely not).
Just give a clue to set wanted DABUILD_ARCH variable at invocation, when uname does not provide adequate info on some platforms like Pi.
parent 51df022a
......@@ -26,9 +26,10 @@ fi
## allow setting of arch by env variable
[ ! "$DABUILD_ARCH" ] && DABUILD_ARCH=$(uname -m)
case "$DABUILD_ARCH" in
x86|x86_64|aarch64|armv6|armv7|armv7l|armv8 ) ;;
x86|x86_64|aarch64|armhf|armv7 ) ;;
* ) die "Unsupported arch \"$DABUILD_ARCH\" detected." \
"Expected one of: x86|x86_64|aarch64|armv6|armv7|armv7l|armv8";;
"Expected one of: x86|x86_64|aarch64|armhf|armv7" \
"You may force it setting DABUILD_ARCH=\"xxx\" in invocation";;
## use branch to figure out most appropriate alpine version
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