Commit 7215f7a6 authored by Carlo Landmeter's avatar Carlo Landmeter
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remove check for packages dir

Packages dir is a docker volume and the mount point will be
automatically created. Permissions will be correct from entrypoint.
parent 8dd4a740
......@@ -67,16 +67,10 @@ else
## check $DABUILD_PACKAGES is a writable directory
## set packages directory based on aports location if not set
## FIXME this will not append release dir if set manually
if [ ! \( -d "$ABUILD_PACKAGES" -a -w "$ABUILD_PACKAGES" \) ]; then
die "Error: invalid or unwritable packages directory specified!" \
## setup volumes; use named volumes as cache if desired
ABUILD_VOLUMES="-v ${PWD%/aports/*}/aports:/home/builder/aports \
-v ${ABUILD_PACKAGES}:/home/builder/packages"
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