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A Docker-ised `abuild` for invocation from within an `aports/` tree. Attempts to auto-detect which branch of `aports/` is checked out, and use an appropriately based container for running `abuild`.
## Invocation
When invoked, `dabuild` simply passes any flags through to `abuild` running in an Alpine container. The invocation of `dabuild` itself can be controlled to some extent via environment variables prefixed `DABUILD_`:
* `DABUILD_ARCH=x86|x86_64|aarch64|armhf|armv7`. Specifies architecture for build container. Default: `$(uname -m)`.
* `DABUILD_ARGS=...`. Passed through to the container `run` command line.
* `DABUILD_CACHE=true|...`. Create and use Docker named volumes as caches for the running container, persisting changes across invocations. Default: `false`.
* `DABUILD_CLEAN=true`. If set while `DABUILD_CACHE=true` then remove and recreate the volumes acting as caches. Default: `false`.
* `DABUILD_DEBUG=true`. Spew debug output to `stdout`. Default: `false`.
* `DABUILD_DOCKER=docker|podman`. Sets the CLI tool to use to run the container. Default: `docker`.
* `DABUILD_PACKAGES=...`. Sets the output packages directory (must be writable). Defaults to `.../aports/packages/$DABUILD_VERSION` (cf. below).
* `DABUILD_RM=false|...`. Do not remove intermediate containers if set to `false`. Default: `true`.
* `DABUILD_VERSION=...`. Sets the Alpine version of the container in which the `abuild` invocation takes place. Default: extracted from the current branch, either `N.N-stable` or `edge`.
## Supported architectures
Currently supported architectures are (as reported by `uname -m`):
* x86
* x86_64
* aarch64
* armv6
* armv7
* armv7l
* armv8
* `x86`
* `x86_64`
* `aarch64`
* `armv6`
* `armv7`
* `armv7l`
* `armv8`
## Configuration
......@@ -26,20 +40,6 @@ On invocation from within an `aports/` tree, the script will determine the root
Per normal usage, if you use the `-K` switch, then the build, source, etc directories will be left alone on completion. If you then invoke as `dabuild build`, then the source will not be re-fetched -- useful when you wish to edit the source to debug a package build.
## Caching
The script attempts to support caching via named volumes. To turn on caching, invoke as
``` shell
DABUILD_CACHE=true abuild [options]
To clean the cache before continuing, invoke as
``` shell
DABUILD_CACHE=true DABUILD_CLEAN=true abuild [options]
## Known Issues
* Docker doesn't support IPv6 well, so if a package's tests make use of IPv6 they may well fail. Observed with `community/libgdata` and [fixed](
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