Commit 0c11a9e3 authored by Carlo Landmeter's avatar Carlo Landmeter

dabuild: mount gitconfig in container

abuild-keygen will look for gitconfig to fetch user and email address
and set proper PACKAGER variable in abuild.conf
parent 5be366fe
......@@ -81,6 +81,11 @@ if [ -w "/var/cache/distfiles" ]; then
ABUILD_VOLUMES="$ABUILD_VOLUMES -v /var/cache/distfiles:/var/cache/distfiles"
# pass over gitconfig for abuild-keygen
if [ -f "$HOME/.gitconfig" ]; then
ABUILD_VOLUMES="$ABUILD_VOLUMES -v $HOME/.gitconfig:/home/builder/.gitconfig"
if [ "$DABUILD_CACHE" = "true" ]; then
for v in %%ABUILD_VOLUMES%% ; do
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