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README: describe diff command

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......@@ -581,8 +581,6 @@ the Return key within 10 seconds or the `--force` option is used, the
configuration is saved to the files. Otherwise, the old configuration
is restored.
There is also a command for deleting all firewall rules:
**awall flush**
This command configures the firewall to drop all packets.
......@@ -612,3 +610,12 @@ as well as their source policies:
The level is an integer in range 0–5 and defaults to 0. More
information is displayed on higher levels.
**awall diff** \[ **-o** | **--output** DIRECTORY]
Displays the difference in the input policy files and generated output
files since the last **translate** or **activate** command.
When the **--output** option is used, the updated configuration is
compared to the generated files in the specified directory (generated
by the equivalent **translate** command).
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