Commit 925220ce authored by Kaarle Ritvanen's avatar Kaarle Ritvanen

test: address: inet6

parent 18ed6435
......@@ -15,8 +15,12 @@ daddr = ''
for _, izone in ipairs{false, 'A', 'B', {'B', 'C'}} do
for _, ozone in ipairs{false, 'B'} do
for _, src in ipairs{false, saddr, {saddr, ''}} do
for _, dest in ipairs{false, daddr, {daddr, ''}} do
for _, src in ipairs{
false, saddr, {saddr, ''}, {saddr, 'fc00::1'}
} do
for _, dest in ipairs{
false, daddr, {daddr, ''}, {daddr, 'fc00::2'}
} do
for _, log in ipairs{false, true} do
for _, action in ipairs{false, 'pass'} do
This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -3,56 +3,187 @@
:address-10 - [0:0]
:address-11 - [0:0]
:address-128 - [0:0]
:address-129 - [0:0]
:address-130 - [0:0]
:address-131 - [0:0]
:address-140 - [0:0]
:address-141 - [0:0]
:address-142 - [0:0]
:address-143 - [0:0]
:address-176 - [0:0]
:address-177 - [0:0]
:address-178 - [0:0]
:address-179 - [0:0]
:address-188 - [0:0]
:address-189 - [0:0]
:address-190 - [0:0]
:address-191 - [0:0]
:address-44 - [0:0]
:address-45 - [0:0]
:address-46 - [0:0]
:address-47 - [0:0]
:address-56 - [0:0]
:address-57 - [0:0]
:address-58 - [0:0]
:address-59 - [0:0]
:address-8 - [0:0]
:address-9 - [0:0]
:address-92 - [0:0]
:address-93 - [0:0]
:address-94 - [0:0]
:address-95 - [0:0]
:icmp-routing - [0:0]
:logaccept-0 - [0:0]
:logaccept-18 - [0:0]
:logaccept-27 - [0:0]
:logaccept-36 - [0:0]
:logaccept-45 - [0:0]
:logaccept-112 - [0:0]
:logaccept-12 - [0:0]
:logaccept-15 - [0:0]
:logaccept-16 - [0:0]
:logaccept-19 - [0:0]
:logaccept-28 - [0:0]
:logaccept-3 - [0:0]
:logaccept-31 - [0:0]
:logaccept-32 - [0:0]
:logaccept-35 - [0:0]
:logaccept-44 - [0:0]
:logaccept-47 - [0:0]
:logaccept-48 - [0:0]
:logaccept-51 - [0:0]
:logaccept-60 - [0:0]
:logaccept-63 - [0:0]
:logaccept-9 - [0:0]
:logaccept-64 - [0:0]
:logaccept-67 - [0:0]
:logaccept-76 - [0:0]
:logaccept-79 - [0:0]
:logaccept-80 - [0:0]
:logaccept-83 - [0:0]
:logaccept-92 - [0:0]
:logaccept-95 - [0:0]
:logdrop-0 - [0:0]
:logdrop-1 - [0:0]
:logpass-0 - [0:0]
:logpass-12 - [0:0]
:logpass-15 - [0:0]
:logpass-16 - [0:0]
:logpass-30 - [0:0]
:logpass-37 - [0:0]
:logpass-50 - [0:0]
:logpass-9 - [0:0]
:logpass-24 - [0:0]
:logpass-26 - [0:0]
:logpass-29 - [0:0]
:logpass-3 - [0:0]
:logpass-38 - [0:0]
:logpass-41 - [0:0]
:logpass-49 - [0:0]
:logpass-52 - [0:0]
:logpass-59 - [0:0]
:logpass-62 - [0:0]
:logpass-77 - [0:0]
-A FORWARD -m conntrack --ctstate ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT
-A FORWARD -j logaccept-0
-A FORWARD -j logpass-0
-A FORWARD -d fc00::2 -j ACCEPT
-A FORWARD -d fc00::2
-A FORWARD -d fc00::2 -j logaccept-3
-A FORWARD -d fc00::2 -j logpass-3
-A FORWARD -s fc00::1 -j ACCEPT
-A FORWARD -s fc00::1
-A FORWARD -s fc00::1 -j logaccept-12
-A FORWARD -s fc00::1 -j logpass-12
-A FORWARD -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j ACCEPT
-A FORWARD -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2
-A FORWARD -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j logaccept-15
-A FORWARD -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j logpass-15
-A FORWARD -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j ACCEPT
-A FORWARD -o eth1 -d fc00::/7
-A FORWARD -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j logaccept-9
-A FORWARD -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j logpass-9
-A FORWARD -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j logaccept-16
-A FORWARD -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j logpass-16
-A FORWARD -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-8
-A FORWARD -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-9
-A FORWARD -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-10
-A FORWARD -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-11
-A FORWARD -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -s fc00::1 -j ACCEPT
-A FORWARD -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -s fc00::1
-A FORWARD -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -s fc00::1 -j logaccept-28
-A FORWARD -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -s fc00::1 -j logpass-24
-A FORWARD -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-44
-A FORWARD -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-45
-A FORWARD -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-46
-A FORWARD -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-47
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -j ACCEPT
-A FORWARD -i eth0
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -j logaccept-18
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -j logpass-16
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -j logaccept-32
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -j logpass-26
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -d fc00::2 -j ACCEPT
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -d fc00::2
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -d fc00::2 -j logaccept-35
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -d fc00::2 -j logpass-29
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -s fc00::1 -j ACCEPT
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -s fc00::1
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -s fc00::1 -j logaccept-44
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -s fc00::1 -j logpass-38
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j ACCEPT
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j logaccept-47
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j logpass-41
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j ACCEPT
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -o eth1 -d fc00::/7
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j logaccept-27
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j logaccept-48
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-56
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-57
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-58
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-59
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -s fc00::1 -j ACCEPT
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -s fc00::1
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -s fc00::1 -j logaccept-60
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -s fc00::1 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-92
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-93
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-94
-A FORWARD -i eth0 -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-95
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j ACCEPT
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j logaccept-36
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j logpass-30
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j logaccept-64
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j logpass-49
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -d fc00::2 -j ACCEPT
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -d fc00::2
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -d fc00::2 -j logaccept-67
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -d fc00::2 -j logpass-52
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-128
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-129
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-130
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-131
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-140
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-141
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-142
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-143
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j ACCEPT
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j logaccept-45
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j logpass-37
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j logaccept-80
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j logpass-59
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -d fc00::2 -j ACCEPT
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -d fc00::2
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -d fc00::2 -j logaccept-83
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -d fc00::2 -j logpass-62
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-176
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-177
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-178
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-179
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-188
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-189
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-190
-A FORWARD -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-191
-A FORWARD -j logdrop-0
-A FORWARD -j logaccept-63
-A FORWARD -j logaccept-112
-A FORWARD -j logdrop-1
-A FORWARD -j logpass-50
-A FORWARD -j logpass-77
......@@ -88,27 +219,75 @@
-A INPUT -j logaccept-0
-A INPUT -j logpass-0
-A INPUT -d fc00::2 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -d fc00::2
-A INPUT -d fc00::2 -j logaccept-3
-A INPUT -d fc00::2 -j logpass-3
-A INPUT -s fc00::1 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -s fc00::1
-A INPUT -s fc00::1 -j logaccept-12
-A INPUT -s fc00::1 -j logpass-12
-A INPUT -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2
-A INPUT -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j logaccept-15
-A INPUT -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j logpass-15
-A INPUT -i eth0 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -i eth0
-A INPUT -i eth0 -j logaccept-18
-A INPUT -i eth0 -j logpass-16
-A INPUT -i eth0 -j logaccept-32
-A INPUT -i eth0 -j logpass-26
-A INPUT -i eth0 -d fc00::2 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -i eth0 -d fc00::2
-A INPUT -i eth0 -d fc00::2 -j logaccept-35
-A INPUT -i eth0 -d fc00::2 -j logpass-29
-A INPUT -i eth0 -s fc00::1 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -i eth0 -s fc00::1
-A INPUT -i eth0 -s fc00::1 -j logaccept-44
-A INPUT -i eth0 -s fc00::1 -j logpass-38
-A INPUT -i eth0 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -i eth0 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2
-A INPUT -i eth0 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j logaccept-47
-A INPUT -i eth0 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j logpass-41
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j logaccept-36
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j logpass-30
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j logaccept-64
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j logpass-49
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -d fc00::2 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -d fc00::2
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -d fc00::2 -j logaccept-67
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -d fc00::2 -j logpass-52
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-128
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-129
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-130
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-131
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-140
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-141
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-142
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-143
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j logaccept-45
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j logpass-37
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j logaccept-80
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j logpass-59
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -d fc00::2 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -d fc00::2
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -d fc00::2 -j logaccept-83
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -d fc00::2 -j logpass-62
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-176
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-177
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-178
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-179
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-188
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-189
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-190
-A INPUT -i eth1 -s fc00::/7 -j address-191
-A INPUT -j logdrop-0
-A INPUT -j logaccept-63
-A INPUT -j logaccept-112
-A INPUT -j logdrop-1
-A INPUT -j logpass-50
-A INPUT -j logpass-77
......@@ -121,53 +300,154 @@
-A OUTPUT -j logaccept-0
-A OUTPUT -j logpass-0
-A OUTPUT -d fc00::2 -j ACCEPT
-A OUTPUT -d fc00::2
-A OUTPUT -d fc00::2 -j logaccept-3
-A OUTPUT -d fc00::2 -j logpass-3
-A OUTPUT -s fc00::1 -j ACCEPT
-A OUTPUT -s fc00::1
-A OUTPUT -s fc00::1 -j logaccept-12
-A OUTPUT -s fc00::1 -j logpass-12
-A OUTPUT -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j ACCEPT
-A OUTPUT -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2
-A OUTPUT -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j logaccept-15
-A OUTPUT -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j logpass-15
-A OUTPUT -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j ACCEPT
-A OUTPUT -o eth1 -d fc00::/7
-A OUTPUT -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j logaccept-9
-A OUTPUT -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j logpass-9
-A OUTPUT -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j logaccept-16
-A OUTPUT -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j logpass-16
-A OUTPUT -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-8
-A OUTPUT -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-9
-A OUTPUT -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-10
-A OUTPUT -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-11
-A OUTPUT -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -s fc00::1 -j ACCEPT
-A OUTPUT -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -s fc00::1
-A OUTPUT -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -s fc00::1 -j logaccept-28
-A OUTPUT -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -s fc00::1 -j logpass-24
-A OUTPUT -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-44
-A OUTPUT -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-45
-A OUTPUT -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-46
-A OUTPUT -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j address-47
-A OUTPUT -j logdrop-0
-A OUTPUT -j logaccept-63
-A OUTPUT -j logaccept-112
-A OUTPUT -j logdrop-1
-A OUTPUT -j logpass-50
-A OUTPUT -j logpass-77
-A OUTPUT -o eth1 -d fc00::/7 -j ACCEPT
-A OUTPUT -p icmpv6 -j ACCEPT
-A address-10 -d fc00::2 -j logaccept-19
-A address-11 -d fc00::2 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A address-128 -s fc00::1 -j ACCEPT
-A address-129 -s fc00::1
-A address-130 -s fc00::1 -j logaccept-76
-A address-131 -s fc00::1 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A address-140 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j ACCEPT
-A address-141 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2
-A address-142 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j logaccept-79
-A address-143 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A address-176 -s fc00::1 -j ACCEPT
-A address-177 -s fc00::1
-A address-178 -s fc00::1 -j logaccept-92
-A address-179 -s fc00::1 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A address-188 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j ACCEPT
-A address-189 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2
-A address-190 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j logaccept-95
-A address-191 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A address-44 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j ACCEPT
-A address-45 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2
-A address-46 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j logaccept-31
-A address-47 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A address-56 -d fc00::2 -j ACCEPT
-A address-57 -d fc00::2
-A address-58 -d fc00::2 -j logaccept-51
-A address-59 -d fc00::2 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A address-8 -d fc00::2 -j ACCEPT
-A address-9 -d fc00::2
-A address-92 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j ACCEPT
-A address-93 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2
-A address-94 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -j logaccept-63
-A address-95 -s fc00::1 -d fc00::2 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A icmp-routing -p icmpv6 --icmpv6-type 1 -j ACCEPT
-A icmp-routing -p icmpv6 --icmpv6-type 2 -j ACCEPT
-A icmp-routing -p icmpv6 --icmpv6-type 3 -j ACCEPT
-A icmp-routing -p icmpv6 --icmpv6-type 4 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-0 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-0 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-18 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-18 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-27 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-27 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-36 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-36 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-45 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-45 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-112 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-112 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-12 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-12 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-15 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-15 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-16 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-16 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-19 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-19 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-28 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-28 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-3 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-3 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-31 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-31 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-32 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-32 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-35 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-35 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-44 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-44 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-47 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-47 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-48 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-48 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-51 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-51 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-60 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-60 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-63 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-63 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-9 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-9 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-64 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-64 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-67 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-67 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-76 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-76 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-79 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-79 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-80 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-80 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-83 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-83 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-92 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-92 -j ACCEPT
-A logaccept-95 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logaccept-95 -j ACCEPT
-A logdrop-0 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logdrop-0 -j DROP
-A logdrop-1 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logdrop-1 -j DROP
-A logpass-0 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logpass-12 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logpass-15 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logpass-16 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logpass-30 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logpass-37 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logpass-50 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logpass-9 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logpass-24 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logpass-26 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logpass-29 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logpass-3 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logpass-38 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logpass-41 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logpass-49 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logpass-52 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logpass-59 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logpass-62 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
-A logpass-77 -m limit --limit 1/second -j LOG
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