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# Alpine Wall User's Guide
## Configuration File Processing
[Alpine Wall]( (awall)
reads its configuration from multiple JSON-formatted files, called
*policy files*. The files located in directory
## Introduction
Alpine Wall (awall) is a Linux firewall configuration tool, providing
various benefits over plain iptables:
* Common usage patterns abstracted to high-level constructs, such as
[zones](#zone) and [limits](#limit)
* Single source for multiple heterogenous hosts: implement modular
policies using [dependencies](#processing) and
* Single source for IPv4 and IPv6 rules
* Refer to hosts using DNS names
* [Review the effect of changed policies](#diff) before activation
* [Automatic fallback](#activate): avoid locking yourself out when
changing rules
Awall is lightweight: no additional daemons, Python, D-BUS
etc. required. Awall translates high-level policies into the format
accepted by <code>iptables-restore</code>.
## <a name="processing"></a>Configuration File Processing
Awall reads its configuration from multiple JSON-formatted files,
called *policy files*. The files located in directory
`/usr/share/awall/mandatory` are *mandatory* policies shipped with APK
packages. In addition, there can be installation-specific mandatory
policies in `/etc/awall`.
......@@ -52,7 +71,7 @@ facilitate manual editing of policy files, awall also accepts single
values in place of lists. Such values are semantically equivalent to
lists containing one element.
## Variable Expansion
## <a name="variable"></a>Variable Expansion
Awall allows variable definitions in policy files. The top-level
attribute **variable** is a dictionary containing the definitions. The
......@@ -564,14 +583,15 @@ attribute as **inet** or **inet6**, respectively.
**awall translate** \[**-o** | **--output** DIRECTORY\] \[**-V** | **--verify**\]
The `--verify` option makes awall verify the configuration using the
test mode of iptables-restore before overwriting the old files.
test mode of <code>iptables-restore</code> before overwriting the old
Specifying the output directory allows testing awall policies without
overwriting the current iptables and ipset configuration files. By
default, awall generates the configuration to `/etc/iptables` and
`/etc/ipset.d`, which are read by the init scripts.
### Run-Time Configuration of Firewall
### <a name="activate"></a>Run-Time Configuration of Firewall
**awall activate** \[**-f** | **--force**\]
......@@ -611,7 +631,7 @@ as well as their source policies:
The level is an integer in range 0&ndash;5 and defaults to 0. More
information is displayed on higher levels.
**awall diff** \[ **-o** | **--output** DIRECTORY]
<a name="diff"></a> **awall diff** \[ **-o** | **--output** DIRECTORY]
Displays the difference in the input policy files and generated output
files since the last **translate** or **activate** command.
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