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Filter: named limits

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......@@ -221,6 +221,19 @@ the enclosing object. For [filters](#filter), the default behavior is
to apply the limit for each source address separately. For [logging
classes](#log), the limit is considered absolute by default.
The packet rates contributing to the limit may be summed over multiple
[filters](#filter). This can be achieved by setting the optional
**name** attribute to equal values among the related limits. Named
limits may be specific only to fixed-size blocks of either the source
or the destination address, not both. However, the address to be
considered may vary among the rules using the limit and may be
selected by setting an attribute named **addr** to either **src**
(default) or **dest**. By default, all bits of the selected address
are taken into account, but address family–specific prefix
lengths can be set via the top-level **limit** dictionary, where the
keys correspond to limit names and values follow the syntax of
**src-mask** and **dest-mask**.
### <a name="log"></a>Logging Classes
A *logging class* specifies how packets matching certain rules are
......@@ -707,6 +707,10 @@ function M.Limit:init(...)
function M.Limit:initmask()
setdefault(self, 'src-mask', not self['dest-mask'])
setdefault(self, 'dest-mask', false)
......@@ -24,6 +24,25 @@ local RECENT_MAX_COUNT = 20
local FilterLimit = class(model.Limit)
function FilterLimit:initmask()
if then
for _, attr in ipairs{'src-mask', 'dest-mask'} do
if self[attr] then
self:error('Attribute not allowed with a named limit: '..attr)
local limits = self.root.limit
self[(self.addr or 'src')..'-mask'] = limits and limits[] or true
if and not self:recentofrags() then
self:error('Attribute allowed only with low-rate limits: name')
function FilterLimit:recentofrags(name)
local count = self.count
local interval = self.interval
......@@ -66,7 +85,8 @@ function FilterLimit:recentofrags(name)
local rec = {
match='-m recent --name '' --r'..
match='-m recent --name '..
( and 'user:' or name)..' --r'..
({src='source', dest='dest'})[attr]..' --mask '..mask
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