Commit 1ecedaa7 authored by Kaarle Ritvanen's avatar Kaarle Ritvanen
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generalize creation of related rules based on cloning

parent 6504e9c5
......@@ -35,6 +35,16 @@ end
function Filter:trules()
local res = {}
local function extrarules(cls, extra)
local params = {}
for i, attr in ipairs({'in', 'out', 'src', 'dest',
'ipset', 'ipsec', 'service'}) do
params[attr] = self[attr]
if extra then for k, v in pairs(extra) do params[k] = v end end
return awall.util.extend(res, self:create(cls, params):trules())
if self.dnat then
if self.action ~= 'accept' then
self:error('dnat option not allowed with '..self.action..' action')
......@@ -64,12 +74,7 @@ function Filter:trules()
self:error(self.dnat..' does not resolve to any IPv4 address')
local dnat = {['ip-range']=dnataddr}
for i, attr in ipairs({'in', 'src', 'dest', 'service'}) do
dnat[attr] = self[attr]
awall.util.extend(res, self:create('dnat', dnat):trules())
extrarules('dnat', {['ip-range']=dnataddr, out=nil})
awall.util.extend(res, model.Rule.trules(self))
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