Commit 1d8ee361 authored by Kaarle Ritvanen's avatar Kaarle Ritvanen
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Filter.mangleoptfrags: rename variable

parent 89514168
...@@ -350,18 +350,18 @@ function Filter:mangleoptfrags(ofrags) ...@@ -350,18 +350,18 @@ function Filter:mangleoptfrags(ofrags)
local limitobj = self:create(FilterLimit, self[limit], 'limit') local limitobj = self:create(FilterLimit, self[limit], 'limit')
local ofs local ofs
local accept = self:position() == 'append' local conn = limit == 'conn-limit'
local uofs, sofs = limitobj:recentofrags(limitchain) local uofs, sofs = limitobj:recentofrags(limitchain)
if uofs then if uofs then
ofs = self:combinelog(uofs, limitlog, 'drop', 'DROP') ofs = self:combinelog(uofs, limitlog, 'drop', 'DROP')
if accept then extend(ofs, self:actofrags(self.log)) end if conn then extend(ofs, self:actofrags(self.log)) end
extend(ofs, combinations(sofs, {{target=accept and 'ACCEPT'}})) extend(ofs, combinations(sofs, {{target=conn and 'ACCEPT'}}))
else else
local limofs = limitobj:limitofrags(limitchain) local limofs = limitobj:limitofrags(limitchain)
ofs = accept and Filter.super(self):mangleoptfrags(limofs) or ofs = conn and Filter.super(self):mangleoptfrags(limofs) or
combinations(limofs, {{target='RETURN'}}) combinations(limofs, {{target='RETURN'}})
extend(ofs, self:actofrags(limitlog, 'DROP')) extend(ofs, self:actofrags(limitlog, 'DROP'))
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