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    main/nmap: build against system pcre, libssh2 and lua5.3 · 0bc8d088
    alpine-mips-patches authored
    - properly require openssl (status quo, just use a correct parameter)
     - explicitly require system libpcap (status quo)
     - explicitly require system libpcre [1]
     - explicitly require zlib (status quo)
     - explicitly require system libssh2 [2]
     - explicitly require system lua5.3 [3]
     - adjust makedepends accordingly
    [1] System pcre is newer and properly configured for mips*.
    [2] This is the ./configure default, just make sure the choice is stable.
    [3] This is the ./configure default, just let it find the system version.
    check() passes on x86_64 and mipseln8hf at least, however this commit does
    not re-enable it due to unclear aarch64 / arm* status.
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