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    main/libgssglue: depend on heimdal-dev and heimdal-libs · acf326ab
    Sören Tempel authored
    This is necessary because the `/etc/gssapi_mech.conf` configuration file
    shipped by this package refers to `/usr/lib/libgssapi.so` which is
    shipped by heimdal-dev and is a symlink to libgssapi.so.3.0.0 which is
    in turn shipped by heimdal-libs.
    Packages like `main/rdesktop` parse `/etc/gssapi_mech.conf` and load the
    shared libraries referred by it which causes `main/rdesktop` to emit the
    following warning:
    can't open /usr/lib/libgssapi.so: Error loading shared library /usr/lib/libgssapi.so: No such file or directory
    This change fixes this.
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