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      testing/libmilter: set default pthread stack size to 8 MB · 95724d1b
      Stefan Wagner authored
      This patch tries to fix various crashes for applications depending on
      libmilter by setting the stack size for pthreads to 8 MB. The default
      stack size for musl libc is set to 80 KB whereas glibc has it set
      to 8 MB. This causes problems when a large amount of memory is
      allocated on the stack.
      For example, opendkim allocates blocks of 64 KB multiple times, which
      causes libmilter (and therefore opendkim) to crash.
      Maybe a stack size of 1 MB or 2 MB would be sufficient, but as opendkim
      depends on the default glibc behavior, 8 MB should be safe.
      I know this patch is kind of ugly, a better solution may be to file
      a request for opendkim to allocate large blocks of memory on the heap.
      But as libmilter/opendkim are fairly unusable at the moment, I suggest
      to apply this patch as long as these packages are in testing.
      Fixes https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/6360
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