Commit a1c30243 authored by Leo's avatar Leo Committed by Kevin Daudt

main/setxkbmap: upgrade to 1.3.2

Closes GH-10159
parent 5bab3a37
# Maintainer: Natanael Copa <> # Maintainer: Natanael Copa <>
pkgname=setxkbmap pkgname=setxkbmap
pkgver=1.3.1 pkgver=1.3.2
pkgrel=1 pkgrel=0
pkgdesc="set the keyboard using the X Keyboard Extension" pkgdesc="set the keyboard using the X Keyboard Extension"
url="" url=""
arch="all" arch="all"
options="!check" # No test suite. options="!check" # No test suite.
license="MIT" license="MIT"
makedepends="libxkbfile-dev util-macros" makedepends="libxkbfile-dev util-macros"
subpackages="$pkgname-doc" subpackages="$pkgname-doc"
source="$pkgname-$pkgver.tar.bz2" source="$pkgver.tar.bz2"
build() { build() {
cd "$builddir" cd "$builddir"
./configure \ ./configure \
...@@ -30,4 +28,4 @@ package() { ...@@ -30,4 +28,4 @@ package() {
make DESTDIR="$pkgdir" install make DESTDIR="$pkgdir" install
} }
sha512sums="5ddc2fc40ddc5a35815606998d3f111e3c2b8d915bf609462c703f9f691a0b3a6477ee98837c0a28f11dd3f0a30f17a3bcdfa38d4ca45140e521c74d043ecdee setxkbmap-1.3.1.tar.bz2" sha512sums="bfa8015dee0d8d3fdbbd89afbd71c8606ce168d6edca8521d5ed05a00fecbea39bc4bfcce84b71458bdeb34c60bd80a5df27e0691ccee3966443ecdc937faf38 setxkbmap-1.3.2.tar.bz2"
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