Commit 9647ca6a authored by TBK's avatar TBK Committed by Jakub Jirutka

non-free/unifi: fix symbolic link

parent 0bc9dae8
......@@ -65,9 +65,14 @@ package() {
ln -sf /var/lib/$pkgname/data $basedir/data
ln -sf /var/lib/$pkgname/work $basedir/work
# overwrite with local snappy
ln -sf /usr/share/java/snappy-java- \
# overwrite with local snappy but
# first we got to figure out the version
local file=$(ls lib/ | grep snappy-java)
local name=${file%.*}
local version=${name##*-}
# the java-snappy pkg has a symlink so we use that
ln -sf /usr/share/java/snappy-java.jar \
# make sure datadir is writable by our user
chown -R $pkgname:$pkgname $datadir
......@@ -75,6 +80,7 @@ package() {
# tell search engines to do not index
echo -e "User-Agent:*\nDisallow:/" > "$webapps"/$pkgname/ROOT/robots.txt
b19a7d684ef2ec7c4159417c21185ccd8ce498da25405b69014fdb32e346a0077f7edc5dfc994481d12936aa8dbf22e6baf29571fd0003aaad19609d24c549f4 unifi.initd
d339555a91de7488badbedf8a4c85cff878e7d0720a8cf6a8340f51f3666dcf4878b47a1fff4c9c2846d7af140d11e48e898f8c4dba1f81c1004b76a81f0821e unifi.confd
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