Commit 54d331dc authored by Ariadne Conill's avatar Ariadne Conill

main/linux-grsec: sync x86 kernel config

parent 0ff39259
......@@ -139,5 +139,5 @@ firmware() {
md5sums="c8ee37b4fdccdb651e0603d35350b434 linux-2.6.37.tar.bz2
f56bdcd16fa540cddf075be6842edaaa grsecurity-2.2.1-2.6.37-201102121148.patch
bbfcd2974479c027c08c729f3ac3bf95 kernelconfig.x86
5d3fee9fda0762c1366fd1aca81ac1b9 kernelconfig.x86
582fd6e2e33bd4fc1f0b14f2909e4637 kernelconfig.x86_64"
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