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    bind: Modify default config to be more secure · 10f550c4
    Hugo Landau authored
    By default BIND will happily serve as both an authoritative nameserver
    and recursive resolver, but this is no longer a recommended or desirable
    configuration. The previous default configuration did not draw attention
    to this fact and the issues involved.
    Users are now made to rename one of two sample configuration files,
    named.conf.authoritative or named.conf.recursive. Comments inside either
    file advise DNS administrators of the most prevalent security issues.
    This ensures that users setting up an authoritative nameserver do not
    unwittingly also operate a resolver. In the previous default
    configuration, BIND would happily perform recursive resolution for
    localhost, which means that the local machine may receive
    non-authoritative data from what is supposed to be an authoritative
    Both default configurations disable zone transfers by default, as BIND
    defaults to enabling them for any host (!).
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