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    aports/mariadb: remove glibc dep on ppc · 17f250dd
    Gustavo Romero authored
    Remove dependency on glibc by using gcc builtin function and no glibc
    Currently there are no surrogates in musl for:
    however glibc __ppc_get_timebase() is just a wrapper for GCC builtin
    __builtin_get_timebase() available since GCC 4.8 [1], so assuming that
    aports on ppc64le will never be built using GCC < 4.8 we can just
    switch directly to the GCC builtin function.
    Also __ppc_set_ppr_{low,med}() are not available on musl but both
    are simple glibc wrappers on a single asm instruction, hence there
    is no harm in using asm directly instead. Actually, using asm
    directly was the first solution adopted in MariaDB [2].
    [1] https://goo.gl/jxLV6O
    [2] https://goo.gl/9bjuVC
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