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    main/opensmtpd: fix mail spool path, other fixes · 01b670e9
    Valery Kartel authored
    /var/mail is used from /usr/include/paths.h if not set,
    So set --with-path-mbox=/var/spool/mail to fix spoll path
    from /var/mail to /var/spool/mail.
    change libexec prefix --libexecdir=/usr/lib. So now full path
    is /usr/lib/opensmtpd, not /usr/lib/opensmtpd/opensmtpd
    remove post-install script. There is no need to run 'newaliases' because
    in default config aliases table use file: driver, not db: driver
    remove empty /usr/bin directory
    in init-script explictly set 'name' and 'command' variables to not
    be dependent on script name.
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