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      testing/mongodb: new aport · 11de1923
      Filipp Andronov authored
      Things to be complete:
      1. Build is only for x86_64, because I have to made a few hacks in code.
      Most critical one is __ELF_NATIVE_CLASS
      2. No tc-malloc. It doesnt build, so system allocator instead. Im working
      on gpreftools package...
      3. No heap usage statistics: always returns 0. It is broken in mongodb for
      64bit architecture and also musl mallocinfo is not compatible with glibc.
      So I just comment out heap reporting code, see comments in APKBUILD
      4. Use more system libs, yaml & boost are from the top of my mind. Boost
      make compilation fails, but should be easy to fix
      5. Enable mongodb tests during build. Im just not sure how that should be
      done in Alpine, i.e _where_ in build lifecycle tests should run