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      initial commit · 15f47878
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      initial commit · d45dae1b
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      minor changes · ed989e2e
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      testing/freeswitch: new aport · 662c94f6
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      A communications platform written in C from the ground up
      - make init.d scripts
      - check where logs etc goes. There are some dirs in /usr that probably should
        not be there.
      - test if it works
      - dahdi plugin?
      - download sounds. There are a make target for sounds but I'd prefer we add
        add the sounds url in sources. Might be we want those in a separate package.
      - Figure out how to use system libraries, pcre, speex, sqlite3, apr, apr-util
        and more rather than the version freeswitch ships. This should be a
        configure option probably. i.e --with-shared-pcre or similar