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      main/php: updated to 5.3.5 and made cosmetic changes to APKBUILD · 188c120b
      Matt Smith authored
      See the PHP 5.3.5 release announcement for more information:
      Also, there is not a newer Suhosin patch available at this time, however,
      the current suhosin-patch-5.3.4-0.9.10.patch appears to be working fine.
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      main/php: improved APKBUILD, see changes [resent, updated] · 264c8486
      Matt Smith authored
      I based my updates off of Arch Linux's work for this package.
      Here's the changelog:
      - Each 'main subpackage' gets its own build dir, in order to eliminate
        build-time complications.
      - Added php-cgi subpackage (in combination with the above change, fixes #505)
      - Added php-embed subpackage.
      - Removed php-cli subpackage; it's now in the main 'php' package.
      - Added the configure options --with-readline and --enable-pcntl to the 'php'
        package (previously known as the php-cli package).
      - Enabled the 'error_log' default option for php-fpm.conf
      - Enabled cgi.discard_path in php.ini, as --enable-discard-path was dropped from
        being a configure option.
      - Dropped --enable-force-cgi-redirect from configure options, as it was
        deprecated and enabled by default in php.ini.
      - Did away with $phpextensionsapache2 in the APKBUILD; seems it was there for a
        workaround.  Perhaps it was part of the #183 fix?  (Apache still segfaults,
        with or without the $phpextensionsapache2 workaround.)
      For more info regarding PHP configure options:
      Also, can someone look over the updates I made to the #183 fix, regarding the
      above $phpextensionsapache2 workaround changes and the changes to where it says
      "# see #183" throughout the APKBUILD?  I want to make sure that I didn't break
      that fix.
      P.S.: I resent the patch to fix quoting the $srcdir variables and the like.
            e.g. From "$srcdir/$pkgname-$pkgver" to "$srcdir"/$pkgname-$pkgver
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      main/apache2: improved APKBUILD · a66560f1
      Matt Smith authored
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