Commit f478857a authored by Natanael Copa's avatar Natanael Copa
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testing/linux-vserver: fix checksum

parent f517008c
......@@ -117,4 +117,4 @@ md5sums="7a80058a6382e5108cdb5554d1609615 linux-2.6.30.tar.bz2
7c91fa862b90d74da3aa83446d69a412 patch-
37e45dcf0eb69e8cc8665522dde28f1a patch-
ca05fd252783b82e01610e775cf56498 net-next-2.6.git-5ef12d98a19254ee5dc851bd83e214b43ec1f725.patch
c0c7c1b1364f7140a1277c110d0bbb83 kernelconfig"
5db2d023915e69fbcab0e1eec4f31402 kernelconfig"
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