Commit f2db2fc0 authored by Jakub Jirutka's avatar Jakub Jirutka

testing/lvm-libunwind: really add the patch

parent 51e24811
Use x29 and x30 for fp and lr respectively
This does not change the code generation with integrated asm
but using x30 and x29 helps compile the code with gnu as. Currently gas
fails to assemble this code with errors as below
Error: operand X should be an integer register
Signed-off-by: Khem Raj <>
--- a/src/UnwindRegistersRestore.S
+++ b/src/UnwindRegistersRestore.S
@@ -282,8 +282,8 @@
ldp x22,x23, [x0, #0x0B0]
ldp x24,x25, [x0, #0x0C0]
ldp x26,x27, [x0, #0x0D0]
- ldp x28,fp, [x0, #0x0E0]
- ldr lr, [x0, #0x100] // restore pc into lr
+ ldp x28,x29, [x0, #0x0E0]
+ ldr x30, [x0, #0x100] // restore pc into lr
ldr x1, [x0, #0x0F8]
mov sp,x1 // restore sp
@@ -306,7 +306,7 @@
ldr d31, [x0, #0x208]
ldp x0, x1, [x0, #0x000] // restore x0,x1
- ret lr // jump to pc
+ ret x30 // jump to pc
#elif defined(__arm__) && !defined(__APPLE__)
--- a/src/UnwindRegistersSave.S
+++ b/src/UnwindRegistersSave.S
@@ -254,11 +254,11 @@
stp x22,x23, [x0, #0x0B0]
stp x24,x25, [x0, #0x0C0]
stp x26,x27, [x0, #0x0D0]
- stp x28,fp, [x0, #0x0E0]
- str lr, [x0, #0x0F0]
+ stp x28,x29, [x0, #0x0E0]
+ str x30, [x0, #0x0F0]
mov x1,sp
str x1, [x0, #0x0F8]
- str lr, [x0, #0x100] // store return address as pc
+ str x30, [x0, #0x100] // store return address as pc
// skip cpsr
stp d0, d1, [x0, #0x110]
stp d2, d3, [x0, #0x120]
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