Commit d76cafc1 authored by Jakub Jirutka's avatar Jakub Jirutka

main/ruby-bundler: fix missing dependency on ruby-etc

Fixes #9216 <>
parent 839ada29
...@@ -2,12 +2,12 @@ ...@@ -2,12 +2,12 @@
_gemname=bundler _gemname=bundler
pkgname=ruby-$_gemname pkgname=ruby-$_gemname
pkgver=1.16.3 pkgver=1.16.3
pkgrel=0 pkgrel=1
pkgdesc="Manage an application's gem dependencies" pkgdesc="Manage an application's gem dependencies"
url="" url=""
arch="noarch" arch="noarch"
license="MIT" license="MIT"
depends="ruby ruby-io-console" depends="ruby ruby-etc ruby-io-console"
subpackages="$pkgname-doc" subpackages="$pkgname-doc"
source="$_gemname-$pkgver.gem" source="$_gemname-$pkgver.gem"
builddir="$srcdir/$_gemname-$pkgver" builddir="$srcdir/$_gemname-$pkgver"
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