Commit aa9f326b authored by Jake Buchholz's avatar Jake Buchholz Committed by Andy Postnikov

community/containerd: update to 1.2.4

Although this was released to address the recent runc vulnerability ( which we've addresed by updating our runc package, there are several other notable updates, per
parent 34f1d85a
......@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@
# NOTE: containerd's Makefile tries to get REVISION from git, but we're building from a tarball.
pkgdesc="An open and reliable container runtime"
......@@ -42,4 +42,4 @@ package() {
install -Dm644 "$builddir"/man/*.5 "$pkgdir"/usr/share/man/man5/
sha512sums="01c6e196ddaebfffd069aca87c669acae3923bc9b25f3a59070a6fdbe28661afd4e548b9bb6a4faec3d3d3a937f36eacd7c179986d04f83428cff439e41b1e0d containerd-1.2.3.tar.gz"
sha512sums="8a4e5064b2c1e14d39d9943f445ae18e4653f73bd3bb90f7efe558b9ffd4345db4b308362103dbfbede716eae8b547c1cec3d93962acb0a2ff34d66e4fce0d80 containerd-1.2.4.tar.gz"
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