Commit 98418887 authored by Jakub Jirutka's avatar Jakub Jirutka
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testing/seamonkey: remove pulseaudio, add missing linux-headers

Support for pulseaudio is disabled, so there's no need for pulseaudio-dev
in makedepends.
parent e349ff32
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ url=""
makedepends="unzip zip gtk+2.0-dev yasm alsa-lib-dev pulseaudio-dev libxt-dev
makedepends="unzip zip gtk+2.0-dev yasm alsa-lib-dev libxt-dev linux-headers
hunspell-dev nspr-dev nss-dev jpeg-dev bzip2-dev zlib-dev libpng-dev
libevent-dev libvpx-dev sqlite-dev libffi-dev pixman-dev python2-dev
startup-notification-dev icu-dev m4 libxcomposite-dev
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