Commit 92dd4f0a authored by Natanael Copa's avatar Natanael Copa

main/alpine-conf: upgrade to 2.0

fixes #91
fixes #220
(cherry picked from commit b25b80ea)
parent dc3f5f8a
# Maintainer: Natanael Copa <> # Maintainer: Natanael Copa <>
pkgname=alpine-conf pkgname=alpine-conf
pkgver=2.0_rc9 pkgver=2.0
pkgrel=0 pkgrel=0
pkgdesc="Alpine configuration management scripts" pkgdesc="Alpine configuration management scripts"
url=$pkgname url=$pkgname
...@@ -18,4 +18,4 @@ build() { ...@@ -18,4 +18,4 @@ build() {
ln -s lbu "$pkgdir"/sbin/lbu_$i ln -s lbu "$pkgdir"/sbin/lbu_$i
done done
} }
md5sums="2eec332e42c5573b89d1f165dac2796f alpine-conf-2.0_rc9.tar.bz2" md5sums="0aa966ef854de61b375d7e08bdb105b4 alpine-conf-2.0.tar.bz2"
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