Commit 8b60075a authored by Natanael Copa's avatar Natanael Copa
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core/busybox: create /tmp dir

the --initdb will be ignored if there are a /var/lib/apk/world file and will
not create the needed /tmp. Since the apkovl contains this file, the /tmp will
never be created, which causes to fail due to the missing
/tmp. The /tmp is provided by alpine-baselayout which depends on busybox so
its not there whel busybox is installed.

As a workaround we add /tmp to busybox package. The correct way to handle this
is to make apk add create /tmp if its not there already when extracting the
install script.
parent 2c349455
......@@ -33,7 +33,8 @@ build() {
make silentoldconfig || return 1
make || return 1
make install DESTDIR="$pkgdir"
mkdir -p "$pkgdir"/usr/sbin "$pkgdir"/usr/bin
mkdir -p "$pkgdir"/usr/sbin "$pkgdir"/usr/bin "$pkgdir"/tmp
chmod 1777 "$pkgdir"/tmp
# we need /bin/sh to be able to execute post-install
ln -s /bin/busybox "$pkgdir"/bin/sh
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