Commit 8727d21d authored by tcely's avatar tcely Committed by Leonardo Arena
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main/dhcp: reorder comment

parent 49757654
...@@ -9,8 +9,8 @@ arch="all" ...@@ -9,8 +9,8 @@ arch="all"
license="ISC" license="ISC"
depends= depends=
# busybox utils are not sufficient for dhclient # busybox utils are not sufficient for dhclient
depends_dhclient="coreutils iproute2 run-parts $depends_dhclient_optional"
#depends_dhclient_optional="bash iputils net-tools sed util-linux" #depends_dhclient_optional="bash iputils net-tools sed util-linux"
depends_dhclient="coreutils iproute2 run-parts $depends_dhclient_optional"
pkgusers="dhcp" pkgusers="dhcp"
pkggroups="dhcp" pkggroups="dhcp"
makedepends="perl linux-headers $depends_dhclient $depends_dhclient_optional" makedepends="perl linux-headers $depends_dhclient $depends_dhclient_optional"
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