Commit 560f5a34 authored by Michael Mason's avatar Michael Mason

unstable/cdparanoia Tested. Fixed dev bugs

parent 37dff141
......@@ -35,10 +35,11 @@ build() {
dev () {
mkdir pkg-dev
cd "$srcdir/$pkgname-III-$pkgver"
install -m644 -D "$srcdir"/"$pkgname-III-$pkgver"/interface/cdda_interface.h "$pkgdir"/usr/include/cdda_interface.h
install -m644 -D "$srcdir"/"$pkgname-III-$pkgver"/paranoia/cdda_paranoia.h "$pkgdir"/usr/include/cdda_paranoia.h
install -m644 -D "$srcdir"/"$pkgname-III-$pkgver"/interface/cdda_interface.h "$pkgdir"-dev/usr/include/cdda_interface.h
install -m644 -D "$srcdir"/"$pkgname-III-$pkgver"/paranoia/cdda_paranoia.h "$pkgdir"-dev/usr/include/cdda_paranoia.h
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