Commit 392aa6fc authored by Carlo Landmeter's avatar Carlo Landmeter

scripts: add modloop signing support

parent 28cc6f77
build_kernel() {
local _flavor="$2"
local _flavor="$2" _modloopsign=
shift 3
local _pkgs="$@"
[ "$modloop_sign" = "yes" ] && _modloopsign="--modloopsign"
update-kernel \
$_hostkeys \
${_abuild_pubkey:+--apk-pubkey $_abuild_pubkey} \
$_modloopsign \
--media \
--flavor "$_flavor" \
--arch "$ARCH" \
......@@ -291,6 +293,7 @@ profile_base() {
initfs_cmdline="modules=loop,squashfs,sd-mod,usb-storage quiet"
initfs_features="ata base bootchart cdrom squashfs ext4 mmc raid scsi usb virtio"
grub_mod="disk part_gpt part_msdos linux multiboot2 normal configfile search search_label efi_uga efi_gop fat iso9660 cat echo ls test true help gzio"
apks="alpine-base alpine-mirrors busybox kbd-bkeymaps chrony e2fsprogs network-extras libressl openssh tzdata"
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